Case Study: Efficio

Efficio Chooses ESET and DESlock to Secure Crucial Data


Efficio are an international consulting firm that helps its clients to deliver transformational procurement programmes. With a long track record of delivery and a results-focused culture they seamlessly integrate with their clients, delivering projects with integrity and transparency whilst attaining substantial cost reductions. As a company they understand the importance of long term sustainability and aim to transform the capability of their clients for the long term. Efficio, with its blue chip heritage and boutique firm depth of expertise, brings a unique blend of skills to this market.

Efficio's clients include blue-chip multinationals and Private Equity-owned companies across a range of sectors that are based throughout Europe and beyond. With such high-calibre clients and a large amount of valuable corporate information stored on their network, security is a major concern of the members of the IT department at Efficio. They need to ensure that all customer data is protected and stored securely, adopting an encryption solution provided them with a necessary layer of protection to help achieve these requirements.


"Having purchased a known, and we hoped, trusted brand two years ago we had some difficulties getting clients set up remotely, and after several issues where we struggled to get answers or assistance for their support team, we were already starting to look for alternatives" explains Sam Carew of Efficio's IT Department who is responsible for selecting the companies' encryption solution "The final straw came when one of our Vice Presidents was locked out of her machine and all data for two business days, whilst abroad. We found ourselves in a situation where we had to ship a new laptop overseas with restored data from our online backup."

Efficio's IT department struggled with an alternative leading encryption solution for 18 months and had found working with encryption both cumbersome and time-consuming to manage. Already an ESET customer they were introduced to DESlock through the ESET Technology Alliance which aims to better protect businesses with a range of complementary IT security solutions. "Having reviewed the alternatives we chose DESlock thanks to a list of impressive features and in part from the endorsement of the ESET Technology Alliance."


ESET offers DESlock+ encryption solutions through the ESET Technology Alliance, protecting businesses with a range of IT security solutions that complement ESET's core offering.

Efficio purchased DESlock+ to lock down all their laptops by means of full disk encryption. Due to the product's ease of use they were able extend this to encryption of removable media also. DESlock's removable media encryption allows full control over the use of removable media, including the ability to force encryption of all data being saved to a removable device. The DESlock management system means that once installed the Enterprise Server can be accessed remotely on and off site.

"What we didn't realise when choosing the product was how exceptional the DESlock support team are" says Sam Carew."All the support personnel are developers who know the product from the bottom up, I cannot praise their knowledge, customer service and the manner and time of their response highly enough. When it came to setting the product up we were extremely impressed with the way it can be remotely managed via the Enterprise server with little more than an internet connection, thanks to DESlock's unique, patented system."

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