Case Study: Aster Group

Aster meets all its data protection requirements with DESlock+


Aster had been using a product to encrypt its laptops for some time, but was getting increasingly frustrated with the product making the PCs slow on start-up and sluggish in operation. An additional requirement to control the use of memory sticks and encrypt any data saved to them, meant the search was on for a product to meet these requirements, without adding to its technical support headache.

Simon Goulding, Aster's Network Services Analyst was responsible for the project. Having researched the market Simon narrowed it down to DESlock+ and another two contenders to pilot.

DESlock+ allows full disk encryption, encryption of files, folders and removable media. Moreover, administrators can control how removable media is handled, according to company policy, so that users are either barred from working with a memory stick, or any information moved onto a memory stick is forcibly encrypted.

Safe as Houses

It quickly became apparent from the outset of the pilot that DESlock+ was a front-runner. Simon takes up the story:

"The pilot was set up in a real time environment and we found DESlock+ to be extremely user-friendly, with its web-based interface. The Enterprise Server was very good, even allowing control of devices over the internet, independent of network or directory structure."

"The DESlock+ support team was second to none. We quickly concluded that DESlock+ not only fulfilled all our technical requirements and more, but its support team blew the other contenders out of the water."

"After many years of speaking to technical support hotlines, it was a pleasure to discuss issues with experienced programmers who know their product inside out and are aware of the wider issues with these kinds of installations."

"Customer service is a top priority for Aster and it's a pleasure to work with another UK company which operates by the same principles."

DESlock+ is now installed and used across all of Aster's main sites, being controlled and managed centrally. Any client of Aster Group and anyone working with the company can be assured it takes data security seriously.

Solid Foundations

Aster Group owns and manages more than 17,000 homes in central southern and south west England, employing more than 1,000 people and providing a wide range of services to over 40,000 customers. Aster serves its customers by building affordable houses to buy or rent, providing care for the vulnerable or elderly, and by maintaining or repairing homes. Like most companies it has a large amount of sensitive data on its computers and systems, including personal details for all its tenants. Consequently it has a duty of care to ensure this information is protected.

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