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ESET Buys Recognized Data Encryption Leader DESlock+ (pdf)
Press Release: 23/09/15
DESlock remains mindful of the 'Glenn Greenwald test' (pdf)
Press Release: 20/04/14
DAGMA launches exclusively for DESlock in Poland (pdf)
Press Release: 20/04/14
DESlock Joins ESET Technology Alliance Program (pdf)
Press Release: 01/10/13
DESlock Announces Partnership with ESET (pdf)
Press Release: 17/04/13
Staffordshire Schools Lock Down Data with DESlock (pdf)
Press Release: 24/01/13
DESlock Signs New Partnership with Insight UK (pdf)
Press Release: 15/01/13
New Channel Announcement (pdf)
Press Release: 17/09/12
DESlock Limited Launches Into Security Market (pdf)
Press Release: 13/06/12
DES Offers Budget Beating Deals At Infosec 2011 (pdf)
Press Release: 18/04/11
DES Launches New DESlock+ Enterprise Server (pdf)
Press Release: 03/04/11
DESlock+ Locks Down CORE HDD Like Fort Knox (pdf)
Press Release: 15/02/11
New Distributor Deal For DES (pdf)
Press Release: 08/10
FIPS 140-2 FINALISED FOR DESlock+ (pdf)
Press Release: 02/10
DESlock+ 4.0 with Full Disk Encryption (pdf)
Press Release: 28/04/09
Infosec 2009 (pdf)
Press Release: 07/04/09
CESG approval (pdf)
Press Release: 13/05/08
DES Announces Support For Vista (pdf)
Press Release: 13/02/07
DES Is Riding High With New Investors (pdf)
Press Release: 29/01/07
DES Sets its Sights on the International Market (pdf)
Press Release: 05/12/06
New version offers multiple software encryption keys and increased administrative capability (pdf)
Press Release: 20/09/05
Secure deletion facility, DESlock+ Shredder, added to suite of data protection tools (pdf)
Press Release: 16/06/05
Data Encryption Systems launches easy-to-use data security product offering transparent protection (pdf)
Press Release: 14/03/05
DESlock applauds positive step forward in European Data Protection reform
Sourcewire: 17/03/2014
DESlock+ well recieved on the Irish Market
Sourcewire: 24/02/2014
Why encryption comes of age
SC Magazine: 02/04/2013
Staffordshire Schools Lock Down Data with DESlock
Response Source: 24/01/2013
DESlock Gets Insight Into Global Security Markets
ChannelBiz: 16/01/2013
Insight UK to push encryption from DESlock
Channelweb: 15/01/2013
Encryption has too long been overlooked
Channelweb: 15/01/2013
DESlock grows channel
Channel Pro: 15/01/2013
What the channel wants for Christmas
Channelweb: 21/12/2012
New Vendor DESlock Limited Launches Into Security Market
Sourcewire: 25/06/2012
Case Study: Aster
Case Study: 04/2012
Case Study: RM Dudley
Case Study: 04/2012
Top Marks For DESLock+
Sourcewire: 18/10/2011
Data Encryption Systems offers budget beating deals
Sourcewire: 18/04/2011
DES Launches New DESlock+ Enterprise Server
Sourcewire: 04/03/2011
DESlock+ Locks Down CORE HDD Like Fort Knox
Sourcewire: 15/02/2011
DES Offers Free Encryption
Sourcewire: 08/02/2011
80 per cent of UK consumers support tough US-style data protection laws
Computing: 26/11/2010
Data Encryption Systems Wins 'Encryption Solution of the Year' at Computing Security Awards 2010
IT Backbones: 18/11/2010
DES does distribution deal with Sigma Software
CRN: 09/08/2010
Data Encryption Systems boosts channel
Channel EMEA: 09/08/2010
New Distributor Deal For DES
Sourcewire: 09/08/2010
Encryption Anxiety Eliminated
TMCnet: 01/06/2010
One problem with secure email solved
Kevin Townsend: 01/06/10
Plug 'N' Go DESlock+ Unveils Solution For Sharing Data On USBs
IT Backbones: 09/05/2010
Security showstoppers at InfoSec 2010
MicroScope: 23/04/2010
Sourcewire: 19/02/10
Data encryption is simple safeguard against data breaches
Computer Weekly: 15/02/10
New DESlock+ Windows 7 Compatible Encryption Software Suite
SNS Europe: 15/02/10
Full disk encryption: Safer and easier than file and folder encryption
Search Security: 08/02/2010
It Can Happen So Easily - And To Anyone!
Business Computing World: 15/01/10


President Barack Obama identifies five priority areas for the new cybersecurity coordinator Howard Schmidt, as he is greeted with a positive response
SC Magazine: 23/12/09
DESlock+ Drives Forward FIPS 140-2 Validation
Sourcewire: 04/12/09
Details of over 14,000 people lost after security-protected laptop is stolen from council offices
SC Magazine: 16/11/09
New laptop loss report from the Ministry of Defence, as it confirms the encryption key was also taken
SC Magazine: 14/11/09
UK Information Commissioner calls for encryption of mobile devices in six months
TechTarget: 17/08/09
Speaking in code
CRN: 24/09/08
DES Signs New UK Distributor
IT Backbones: 09/09/08
Data Encryption Systems
Government Technology: 15/08/08
DES embraces channel with new recruit
Computing: 29/07/08
DES Demonstrates Its Channel Commitment With New Appointment
SourceWire: 29/07/08
Mark of Approval (pdf)
Server Management: 15/07/08
Then there was one (pdf)
Channel Business Solutions: 01/06/08
Data law increases business for DES
IT Week: 15/05/08
Making The Case For Encryption
Bios Magazine: 16/04/08
How to keep data safe from prying eyes
PCW: 06/04/08
Stop sensitive data being exposed
PC Magazine: 06/04/08
One in 10 citizens trust government with data
vnunet: 25/03/08
90% of people don't trust government with personal data
Computer Weekly: 25/03/08
UK government not trusted with personal data
IT Week: 19/03/08
UK Government isn't trustworthy
The Inquirer: 19/03/08
Only One In Ten Adults Trust The Government With Their Personal Information
Sourcewire: 18/03/08
Safeguarding Your Reputation
Consultants United: 27/02/08
HMRC crisis to aid encryption VARs
Computing: 29/11/07
Data Encryption Systems unveils new version of its DESlock+ encryption tool
PCW: 27/04/07
Handy Tool speeds encryption on Vista
IT Week: 27/04/07
DESlock+ version 3.2.5 now supports Windows Vista
IT Backbones: 15/02/07
DES announces support for Windows Vista
IT Reseller: 15/02/07
Encryption Firm Looks to Channel to Capitalize on Lapses
eWeek: 10/01/07
Security vendor Data Encryption Systems (DES) is looking to extend the reach of its flagship data encryption software product, DESlock+, by courting resellers for the first time.
CRN / IT Week / Computing: 02/01/07
Network Security: Altered Attitudes - David Tomlinson, managing director at software supplier Data Encryption Systems, advised selective encryption of information on PCs, rather than blanket encryption of the whole disc.
Computer Weekly: 08/11/06
Encryption and the Assured Business. Do it or Die.
IT-Director: 14/09/06
DESlock+ Strong file encryption goes enterprise-wide (pdf)
Communications Week Magazine: 17/07/06
Ensure the data on your computer is safe and secure from others
International Oil and Gas Engineer: 07/06/06
"Data Encryption Systems has released a management tool for its DESlock+ file and email encryption software"
IT Week: 06/06/06
UK-based Data Encryption Systems Limited has released an Administrators Tool for its DESlock+ data encryption software
Information Security Bulletin: 06/06/06
"DESlock+ stores and encrypts sensitive information and passwords"
PCW: 02/06/06
"Council invests in encryption for laptop PCs"
VNU: 18/01/06
"Encryption doesnt have to be complicated as long as it can be managed"
Techworld: 09/08/05
"Data and Identity Protection Available to U.S. Users"
IT Security: 26/07/05
"Encrypting your data with Software and Hardware"
Smallbiz Technology: 25/07/05
"Secure Deletion facility, DESlock+ Shredder, added to suite of data protection tools"
IT Security: 16/06/05
"Simply plug it in and enter a password to unlock your files" (pdf)
Windows XP: 01/04/05
"Award-winning DESlock+ security package provides low-cost, fast, on-the-fly encryption"
IT Reseller Online: 01/04/05
"Free trial for Easy Crypto" (pdf)
>Visual Systems Journal: 01/04/05
"USB token locks down sensitive data"
PCW Online: 24/03/05
"DESlock+ 3.00, available now, comes in two versions"
Computer Active: 24/03/05
"Security specialist Data Encryption Systems (DES) has introduced a new version of its DESlock+"
Computing Online: 24/03/05
"Device simplifies data encryption"
Computing Online: 24/03/05
"DESlock+ 3.00 is a hardware and software solution that lets you keep your data safe from prying eyes."
BIOS Magazine: 18/03/05
"Data Encryption Systems (DES) has released a solution that allows small-business users to lock down their data"
BIOS Magazine: 15/03/05
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