Removable Media Encryption Removable Media Encryption

USB memory sticks pose a unique problem. Most are personal property, contain personal data yet have found their way into daily use in just about every organisation.

Forcibly encrypting these devices is the right thing to do, but this either protects the whole unit, leaving users shut out of their own documents at home, or creates a split device, with no means of editing, reading or writing secure information on a home PC without encryption software.

Introducing DESlock+ Go

DESlock+ Go is an on-device application which runs straight from the USB stick, needs no install and, with the right password allows the user to edit, read and write encrypted documents on any PC.

DESlock+ Go runs straight from the USB stick

There is more: DESlock+ Go is an integral part of our removable media encryption system, so each device is protected with an encryption key and a password; only one of these being required to enable the device. Fully transparent and password-free at work, password-protected at home or off-site. Forgotten passwords may be reset by any key-holder with no loss of data, and users cannot lock themselves or the organisation out of its data. The use of DESlock+ Go and its password policy may be controlled direct from the Enterprise Server.

File level encryption - whose memory stick is it anyway?

The vast majority of USB memory sticks in use are personal property, and introducing forced encryption of removable media devices is a tricky issue. Our file level encryption blocks plain data from the protected system, treating an encrypted folder as the root of the drive. Drives are set up securely in seconds and the encrypted folder grows and shrinks as required with no effect on personal information stored on the drive. Where data is required to be available off-system, DESlock+ Go allows password protected access to the encrypted folder. When the encryption is no longer required, it is removed again in seconds.

Why DESlock+ removable media encryption is different

Vendors of hardware encrypted USB sticks will tell you that software encryption is inferior or that it gives a false sense of security. In most cases this is true, but not with DESlock+.

Our unique, patented key-sharing system doesn't store the encryption key on the device.

The DESlock+ Enterprise Server allows remote management of removable device encryption policy at both user and machine level. Flexible yet secure policy options guarantee encryption of corporate data saved to personal storage devices and optical media, without touching the original content.

DESlock+ removable media encryption works with any USB drive, CD & DVD media, is completely transparent and genuinely secure.

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