Full Disk Encryption Full Disk Encryption

DESlock+ delivers 360 degree protection for your data, wherever it might be. DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption provides both pre-boot authentication and fast and transparent data security. Strong, FIPS-compliant, 256-bit encryption prevents endpoints from compromising corporate network security whilst protecting your organisation from the horrors of a lost laptop or other data leakage incident. Encrypted hibernation files mean that fast shutdown and reboot won't compromise security.

Simple, fast security.

Full Disk Encryption is a transparent, background operation requiring no user input beyond system boot-time. With no noticeable impact on system speed, data is automatically encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly with zero impact on productivity and without the need for user training.

Pre-boot authentication and Single sign on (SSO)

By authenticating the user before allowing the system to boot, DESlock+ protects your stored data plus operating system swap files, temporary files and recoverable, deleted information. Domain users may be configured for Single Sign On, managed centrally from the DESlock+ Enterprise Server.

Protecting your network from its endpoints

A stolen or lost laptop can pose a serious threat to network security, by using Full Disk Encryption, missing computers cannot be used to access the corporate network and any login information remains encrypted and secure when the system is off.

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