Folder Encryption Folder Encryption

DESlock+ encrypted folders give everyone the ability to work directly with encrypted data. They can be created wherever necessary, even on the Windows Desktop, so if you want to tidy-up any work in progress or confidential documents, just drag them into an encrypted folder before you log-out.

Context menu showing DESlock+ options

The security of an encrypted folder extends to all of its files and subdirectories and the streamlined system design means that there is practically no delay caused by the encryption and decryption process in normal use.

To add a little more security, encrypted folders can be hidden when the user logs-out.

How does it work?

Each encrypted folder contains information regarding the key used to encrypt it. If the user is logged-in to a key-file holding that key, then it is read from the key-file and any file access within the folder is automatically encrypted or decrypted using the key. All of this is nicely tucked away as part of the Windows file system so that it doesn't interfere with your work or slow things down.

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