DESlock+ Enterprise Server

Managing encryption beyond the corporate network

Shredder DESlock+ Enterprise Server

Deploying and managing endpoint encryption is one of the more challenging tasks for an IT department. With today's mobile workforce, home working on the rise and increasing numbers of users who spend all or most of their time away from the corporate network, central management of encryption keys and security policy needs a fresh approach.

Like a few other systems, The DESlock+ Enterprise Server can manage users via the internet. However, unlike other systems these users and their workstations do not need to have Active Directory or Domain accounts. More importantly no incoming connection is required for client PC's or the Enterprise server, avoiding the cost and headache of configuring and managing a secure incoming port. The Management console is web based, allowing multi-user administration across the network, and a help-desk login provides non-admin access to user-recovery features.

No other management tool is deployed as easily or can provide a comparable degree of control. The DESlock+ Enterprise Server does more for less, making DESlock+ the most cost effective endpoint data encryption solution in every way.

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Key features

  • No incoming server connection needed
  • Independent of network accounts
  • Manage any PC via the internet
  • Manage users and workstations
  • Control encryption security policy
  • Remotely manage encryption keys
  • Manage Full Disk Encryption
  • Wipe keys and remove FDE users
  • Manage removable media encryption
  • Force password changes
  • Remotely reset passwords
  • Remote user recovery

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