DESlock+ Enterprise Server

Managing encryption beyond the corporate network


  • Web-based user interface
    The multi-user interface is available from most web-browsers, from any point on the network.
  • Users may connect via internet
    Client updates and status responses are encrypted and transmitted over https.
  • Licence management
    Manage multiple organisational units and group licences from a single interface.
  • Encryption key management
    Keys may be added, removed and wiped remotely, with updates targeted at users, workstations or both.
  • Encryption policy management
    Full remote control of software features, and endpoint encryption policy.
  • Assured security
    DESlock+ is FIPS 140-2 level 1 validated.


  • Certifications
    FIPS 140-2 level 1
  • Algorithms & standards
    AES 256 bit AES 128 bit
    SHA 256 bit
    RSA 1024 bit
    Triple DES 112 bit
    Blowfish 128 bit
  • System requirements
    Microsoft Windows®:
    10, 8.1, 8 , 7, Vista, XP (SP3).
    Microsoft Windows® Server:
    2106, 2012R2, 2012, 2008R2, 2008, 2003(SP2).
    Internet Explorer 7 or later.
    Internet connection for licensing and client management.

Managing encryption beyond the corporate network

The biggest issues that come with any encryption project relate to deployment and management. By choosing DESlock+, you will be employing the most advanced and comprehensive encryption management system available.

The DESlock+ Enterprise Server can manage users and workstations independently or in many-to-many relationships. Initial deployment, updates and status are all available via corporate LAN or over https: through the cloud. Home and mobile working make extending encryption security policy beyond the perimeter of your network, a necessity; DESlock+ makes it a reality.

Maintain control of remote workstations and mobile staff

With all commands, updates, status requests and responses posted via the DESlock+ Enterprise Proxy, the Enterprise Server can manage any user or workstation with a standard internet connection.

Simple networking requirements

By using the Enterprise Proxy as an intermediary, all connections from client and server are outgoing. All information is encrypted with either RSA or AES and the connection itself is SSL encrypted. This allows the Enterprise Server to run from almost any current Windows system and eliminates the need for its own SSL certificate and additional hardware, network or firewall changes.

Manage keys and policy on-the-fly

Using a patent-pending process, administrators may add or remove any or all encryption keys and change the DESlock+ encryption policy remotely and silently, without user interaction.

Manage full disk encryption and user recovery remotely

Following a single-step user-authentication, FDE may be started remotely, users may be added or removed and where login details have been forgotten or a workstation locked, users may be recovered and reset remotely.

Protect your budget

No other management tool is deployed as easily or can provide a comparable degree of control. The DESlock+ Enterprise Server does more for less, making DESlock+ the most efficient and manageable endpoint data encryption solution today.

About the Enterprise Server Proxy

Operation is similar to POP email, with messages being sent to and collected from a remote server. These messages are encrypted, containing updates, commands and status responses. Each user and workstation has a unique ID. Users and the Enterprise Server have RSA Key pairs, workstations have an AES key. All information sent between the Enterprise Server, workstations and users is encrypted using a combination of 1024 bit RSA and 256 bit AES. These encrypted packets are further protected by SSL encryption during communication.

DESlock+ Enterprise Server Proxy topology

No keys are stored on, or used by the Proxy; it simply receives and serves unknown data packets as requested. The Enterprise proxy is hosted in a tier 3 data centre in London but for anyone not wishing to use this service, it may be hosted by your existing service provider or run on the same computer as the Enterprise Server. The DESlock+ Enterprise Server Proxy brings the convenience of a cloud management service, without the risks created by moving your keys and management-system database off-site.


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