Encrypted Virtual Disks and ArchivesEncrypted Virtual Disks and Archives

DESlock+ virtual disks allow you to create a secure, encrypted volume on your PC or in another location. Once mounted, an encrypted, virtual disk appears as a disk drive in "My Computer" and behaves like any other system volume. Its behaviour can be modified to suit your application and being compatible with any storage device, including CDR and USB Flash-Drives these virtual disks are versatile, portable and secure.

DESlock+ mountable file manager

DESlock+ virtual disks are an ideal way to protect information stored on removable media and provide extremely fast on-the-fly encryption.

The DESlock+ virtual disk manager program is accessible via the DESlock+ system menu.

Encrypted Archives

Retrieving data for a specific project from a backup tape is seldom fun. That's why most projects end up stored on CDR or DVDR media. Convenient, but unless they're under lock and key, not too secure.

DESlock+ Encrypted archive

DESlock+ Archives are single files containing an encrypted, compressed copy of an entire directory tree and its files.

Finished your project? Create a DESlock+ Archive, burn it to a CD and pop it on the shelf.

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