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Full Disk Encryption Full Disk Encryption

DESlock+ delivers 360 degree protection for your data, wherever it might be. DESlock+ full-disk encryption provides both pre-boot authentication and fast and transparent data security. Strong, FIPS-compliant, 256-bit encryption prevents endpoints from compromising corporate network security whilst protecting your organisation from the horrors of a lost laptop or other data leakage incident. Encrypted hibernation files mean that fast shutdown and reboot won't compromise security.

Simple, fast security.

Full-disk encryption is a transparent, background operation requiring no user input beyond system boot-time. With no noticeable impact on system speed, data is automatically encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly with zero impact on productivity and without the need for user training.

Pre-boot authentication and Single sign on (SSO)

By authenticating the user before allowing the system to boot, DESlock+ protects your stored data plus operating system swap files, temporary files and recoverable, deleted information. Domain users may be configured for Single Sign On, managed centrally from the DESlock+ Enterprise Server.

Protecting your network from its endpoints

A stolen or lost laptop can pose a serious threat to network security, by using full-disk encryption, missing computers cannot be used to access the corporate network and any login information remains encrypted and secure when the system is off.