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Email Encryption Email Encryption

Email has revolutionised business communication so much that it is hard to imagine how we'd cope without it. In our personal lives it has changed the way we keep in touch with each other, making the world a much smaller place.

All of the benefits, none of the risks

There are many times when we'd like to be sure that a confidential email message stays that way, there are other times when we receive an important email, which we'd like to put somewhere private.

Plug-ins for Outlook and Notes

The simple answer to these problems is to encrypt confidential email. DESlock+ includes plug-in components for Microsoft Outlook and a text encryption tool accessed via hotkeys or the system menu. DESlock+ users have the benefit of multiple, shared encryption keys to automate this process or users can encrypt an email and its attachments with a password.

Secure your Web-Mail

DESlock+ means being able to save your confidential email; not just locally or on your company mail-server but even to a web-mail account.