Protecting your data and your budget

DESlock+ protects your data wherever it is. Patented key management technology lets users share encrypted data seamlessly, while full disk and removable media encryption takes care of compliance issues, helping to prevent fall-out from lost or stolen computers.

DESlock is the first member of the ESET Technology Alliance Program. The aim of the program is to better protect businesses with a range of complimentary IT security solutions that seamlessly integrate with ESET's range of security solutions.

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Encrypt removable media

Unique features mean security without compromising usability. Learn More »

Encrypt hard disks

Full disk encryption protects your data against the unexpected. Learn More »

Encrypt everything

DESlock+ has an Outlook plugin, file and folder encryption, file shredding and more. Learn More »

Enterprise scale management

Manage thousands of users and workstations via corporate networks or the Internet. Learn More »
SC Magazine

SC Magazine: “This is an attractive product that does what it promises without fuss”
Network Computing
Network Computing: “When you have data security solutions this simple to implement and use, companies really have no excuse for failing to comply with regulations”